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These briefing documents summarizes learning from our Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews and other learnings from Local and National publications.  You can download these for your team meetings/briefings for information purposes.

26 September 2023
Pan London Threshold: Continuum of Help and Support

The revised thresholds document provides information for practitioners who work with children and young people on how to understand and assess the needs of those children and young people and help ensure they receive the right help at the right time.

8 March 2022

Child Angela Safeguarding Practice Review

Lambeth's Child 'Angela' Safeguarding Practice Review, written by independent review author Siobhan Burns, provides helpful learning for all professionals across the partnership. Related  report, learning and resources can be accessed here.

21 February 2022
Sexual Abuse in Schools & Colleges

A Review of sexual abuse in schools and colleges: Summary review of sexual abuse in schools and colleges in England carried out by Ofsted on the request of the government produced by the NSPCC,

June 2021.

20 June 2022
Pan London procedure for sharing information

The London Safeguarding Children Procedures has added a new chapter on information sharing in light of the recently published National Panel report on Star and Arthur.  This is really important for everyone in the partnership to know and understand.

21 February 2022
Non-Accidental Injury (NAI)

A short summary of findings from the National Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel’s review of serious incidents involving babies - under 1 who have been harmed or killed by their fathers or other males in a caring role for them.

3 December 2019
Summary: Baby N
Local Learning Review

Case summary:

Pre-birth and post natal safeguarding; neglect; risk assessment.

Key themes: 

  • Balancing relationship-building with boundaries

  • Professional challenge

  • Roles for Partner agencies when a child is under Police Protection.

1 June 2022
National Panel briefing  

(Arthur Labinjo-Hughes & Star Hobson)

The Child Safeguarding Review Panel has published its review of the tragic murders of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes and Star Hobson, highlighting key learning points for frontline professionals across agencies, and practice issues for all safeguarding practitioners.

21 February 2022
Domestic Abuse (DA Act)

This information sheet outlines the key elements of the new Domestic Abuse

Act (2021) that are most relevant for practitioners providing support to Lambeth residents.

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