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Referral for Contextual Safeguarding Support

Through the Contextual Safeguarding Service (Safer Youth), Lambeth offers support to professionals, families and young people at risk of or experiencing harm outside the home. The Service is not an emergency or first response service. However, the Service runs a duty system during office hours. If your query is urgent please contact the young person's social worker or the Integrated Referral Hub 020 7926 5555. In an emergency, always call 999.​

Make a referral to Lambeth's Contextual Safeguarding Service, Safer Youth

Safer Youth, the Contextual Safeguarding Service, can support professionals in several ways: 

  • Case Consultation & Support for Professional Network

  • Attending a Strategy Meeting (if so, please send the invite and 87a to 

  • Location and Peer Mapping - please ensure you have completed direct work with the young person to explore the contexts they spend time in, completing an Eco-map and Traffic Light activity with the young person. Resources can be found here

  • Chairing a Strategy or Complex Strategy meeting

  • Direct work with the young person/family, including: 

    • Access to the Vanguard programme (which provides a therapeutically trained key worker and support from a psychologist in a clinical hub)

    • Access to the Your Choice programme (which provides a therapeutically trained key worker to support a young person to engage in positive activities)

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