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How Can We Tackle Serious Violence Affecting Young People?

Please read this page in conjunction with the information page on Child Exploitation


Partners in Lambeth have committed to making Lambeth one of the safest places for children and young people to grow up. Launched in 2020, the Lambeth Made Safer for Young People strategy sets out a 10-year plan to achieve this.


Incidents of serious violence affecting young people have increased dramatically over the last few years. The number of police-recorded victims of SYV increased by 71 per cent from 2012 to 2018. Encouragingly, there was a 4% reduction in 2018/19. The proportion of hospital admissions involving a sharp instrument or knife injury for those aged under 25 has increased from 25 per cent in 2013 to 38 per cent in 2017. 


Analysis published by City Hall in July 2019 confirms a strong link between serious youth violence and Londoners affected by deprivation, poor mental health and poverty. The information on this page is informed by this study. 

When does Serious Youth Violence happen? 

The time of day when violent incidents among young people occur varies by the age of the young people: 

  • For the victims aged 10-16, incident patterns reflect school finishing times, whereas for the victims aged 18-24 years, incident patterns more closely reflect the night-time economy and associated activities

  • Violent incidents for children aged 10-16, are most likely to take place after school, between 3pm and 10pm, Monday to Friday, and between 1pm and 10pm on Saturday and Sunday. The peak days are Thursday and Friday, with the weekend being the quietest days

  • Violent incidents for those 18 years and over are most likely to occur between 6pm and midnight across the full week; with noticeable increases in incidents between 9pm on Friday and Saturday until 4am the next day. Saturday and Sunday were the clear peak days; although Sunday’s prevalence is due to Saturday night incidents

  • The violent incidents for victims of all ages, as recorded by the British Transport Police, show offending increases from mid-afternoon (3pm) until midnight every day of the week, with Saturday the overall peak day for offending.

Support and Resources

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In an emergency

If someone is at immediate risk of significant harm, please call 999. Do not delay.

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Culturally Competent Responses to Serious Youth Violence

Download Power The Fight's  Therapeutic Intervention for Peace report to improve the effectiveness of therapeutic responses to violence affecting young people in London.

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Make a referral for support

Contact Lambeth's Integrated Referral Hub on 020 7926 5555 and follow up with a completed Multi-agency Referral Form.

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Reachable Moments

RedThread works in King's College Hospital to support victims of Serious Youth Violence to break free from a cycle of violence.

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Pan London Threshold Document: 

Use the Pan London Threshold guidance to help young people get the right help, at the right time.

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Exploitation Risk Matrix

St Giles Trust work in Lambeth to offer a range of programmes to support young people exposed to or at risk from violence and exploitation. 

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