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Child Safeguarding Practice Review

Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews (SPRs) were formerly known as Serious Case Reviews. SPRs are undertaken when a child dies (including death by suspected suicide), and abuse or neglect is known or suspected . Additionally, Local Safeguarding Children Partnerships may decide to conduct an SPR if a child has been seriously harmed and in accordance with the guidance in Working Together 2018:

Serious child safeguarding cases are those in which:

  • abuse or neglect of a child is known or suspected and

  • the child has died or been seriously harmed

Serious harm includes (but is not limited to) serious and/or long-term impairment of a child’s mental or physical health or intellectual, emotional, social or behavioural development.


Any individual or organisation working with children and young people in Lambeth should inform the Lambeth Safeguarding Children Partnership of any incident they think should be considered for a child safeguarding practice review, or other type of learning review, using the form below.


Professionals should discuss the case with their agency designated safeguarding lead/officer to help formulate the rationale. A referral should be made as soon as possible after the serious incident occurs.


Response to your referral: 

A multi-agency Rapid Review of your referral will be undertaken and you will be informed of the outcome.

How to make a referral

1. Download the Referral Form 

2. Complete the form with as much detail as possible

3. Email the completed form to

4. If you have any questions, please get in touch 

Criteria for an SPR

The criteria which the local safeguarding partners take into account when considering to conduct an SPR include whether the case:

  • highlights or may highlight improvements needed to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, including where those improvements have been previously identified

  • highlights or may highlight recurrent themes in the safeguarding and promotion of the welfare of children

  • highlights or may highlight concerns regarding two or more organisations or agencies working together effectively to safeguard and promote the welfare of children

  • is one which the Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel have considered and concluded a local review may be more appropriate

Safeguarding partners should also have regard to the following circumstances

  • where the safeguarding partners have cause for concern about the actions of a single agency

  • where there has been no agency involvement and this gives the safeguarding partners cause for concern

  • where more than one local authority, police area or clinical commissioning group is involved, including in cases where families have moved around

  • where the case may raise issues relating to safeguarding or promoting the welfare of children in institutional settings

Some cases may not meet the definition of a ‘serious child safeguarding case’, but nevertheless raise issues of importance to the local area. That might, for example, include where there has been good practice, poor practice or where there have been ‘near miss’ events. Safeguarding partners may choose to undertake a local child safeguarding practice review in these or other circumstances.

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