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Safer Sleep Advice

The sudden and unexpected death of an infant is one of the most devastating tragedies that could happen to any family. In spite of substantial reductions in the incidence of sudden unexpected death in infancy (SUDI) over the last 30 years, at least 300 infants die suddenly and unexpectedly each year in England and Wales. (NHS, 2019

The National Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel published a review, in July 2020, of SUDI in families where the children are considered at risk of significant harm. The review identified a number of issues to inform the development of a ‘prevent and protect’ practice model. 

The safest place for a baby to sleep is in their own clear separate sleep space, such as a cot or Moses’ basket.

Key to this, is everyone working with children and families, knowing and understanding how they can work together to promote safer sleeping.


Use the links below to find out more. 

Resources & Support

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A helpful guide from Public Health England, The Lullaby Trust & UNICEF UK

Your role as a professional working with families is crucial - by talking to families, and supporting them with understanding how to avoid the specific risks for their baby, we can help to reduce the number of babies dying. Download this helpful guide for support. 

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Out of routine:
A review of SUDI

In July 2020, the National Panel published this comprehensive review of sudden unexpected death in infancy (SUDI) in families where the children are considered at risk of significant harm. Read it to consider recommendations for national government and local safeguarding partnerships.

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The Lullaby Trust

For more guidance about safer sleeping, as well as links to Bereavement Support for families, visit the Lullaby Trust website.

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