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The Importance of Ensuring all Children are Registered with a GP

All babies and children benefit from being registered with a GP to ensure they don't miss out on vital health services. In addition, GP Practices play an important role in safeguarding children and young people from abuse and neglect. As a universal service, GPs have the opportunity for conversations and observations that can help identify safeguarding risk, as well as receiving disclosures of abuse or neglect. 

National reviews have repeatedly highlighted the importance of GPs in safeguarding children. In 2020, a Lambeth Rapid Review emphasised how relevant this learning still is. GPs are a universal service which help all partners ensure that no child remains hidden.  

Everyone working with children and young people should be confident in supporting parents and carers to register their child with a local GP Practice. And it couldn't be easier. Watch this short, two minute video to find out how. 

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