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The Lambeth Safeguarding Children Partnership is committed to making Lambeth the safest place possible for children and young people to develop their full potential. We are always keen to hear from individuals and organisations who share this passion.

Current opportunities 

Independent Reviewer for a Local Child Safeguarding Practice Review

The Lambeth Safeguarding Children Partnership is looking for researchers, academics and organisations to help us independently review our efforts to safeguard children and young people. We are currently commissioning a Local Child Safeguarding Practice Review and are seeking an Independent Reviewer who can lead this review.


Key Responsibilities

  • Reviewing case records from across the partnership to investigate decisions, actions and partnership working to arrive at learning that will help us embed good practice and improve areas for development  

  • Working collaboratively with frontline practitioners, and, where possible, children, young people and their families to ensure learning is impactful for frontline practice and improves outcomes for children and young people

  • Producing a high-quality Local Child Safeguarding Practice Review report, which can be shared in an accessible way.


Person Specification

This opportunity is open to organisations and individuals who have experience in research, analysis and review across the child safeguarding landscape. Applicants should provide evidence of an ability to:

  • Gather evidence and analyse the root causes of child safeguarding incidents to identify improvements which can be directly made by practitioners, organisations, and local and national Government.

  • Involve safeguarding partners and practitioners in contributing their perspectives.

  • Recognise the complex circumstances in which practitioners work together to safeguard children.

  • Understand practice from the viewpoint of the individuals and organisations involved at the time, rather than using hindsight.

  • Distil findings and analysis from a number of studies and cases in order to inform the report's recommendations.

  • Arrive at evidence-based recommendations which focus on professional learning and increasing expertise.

  • Involve families, including surviving children, sensitively and transparently, so that they understand how they will be involved and have appropriate expectations. This is important for ensuring that the child is at the centre of the process.

  • Work to an agreed schedule. In most cases this will be within a maximum of 6 months, with set dates for sharing drafts of the review with the LSCP Executive and relevant Subgroups.

  • Handle information securely, being transparent about the way data is collected and analysed.

  • Produce high-quality reports, with excellent copy-writing skills so they are clear, coherent and easy for a range of people to understand.


The Partnership will also consider the organisation's or individuals' knowledge, understanding and practice of child safeguarding issues relevant to the ability to undertake and write a local review. This may involve professional knowledge and practice specific to the case or cases under review. For most cases reviewers will be required to get to grips quickly with:


  • The complex circumstances in which professionals work together to safeguard children, including the impact of management, supervision, resources, skills and training.

  • The relevant national and local legislative and policy frameworks within which services operate.

  • The local and national safeguarding system, including an understanding of the critical levers for change, the priorities at play, and how these interact across networks.

  • The principles of the systems methodology recommended by the Munro review. The methodology employed by the reviewer should provide a way of looking at and analysing front line practice as well as organisational structures and learning. The methodology should be able to reach recommendations that will improve outcomes for children.


The LSCP will pay up to £500 a day. We estimate a total commitment of around 10 days to complete the review.



If you are interested and/or would like further discussions about the role of Independent Reviewer, please send in your CV as well as a supporting statement (no longer than two sides of an A4 page), establishing your suitability for the role. Please email your documents by 4pm on or before 28 June 2024 to 

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