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What do the Training Levels mean?

Level 1

Introductory courses that cover basic safeguarding content.You will gain knowledge on what safeguarding is and explore how to recognise signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect and also how to report your concerns.

Suitable for: Anyone who comes into contact with children and young people and need an introduction to safeguarding. For e.g. GP Receptionist, volunteers and local authority staff

Level 2

Intermediate courses that covers Level 1 topics in detail as well as outlining what steps are taken after a concern has been expressed. These are usually suited for those that have a 'duty of care' towards children.


Suitable for: Those working with children whose role requires more advanced knowledge and skills in safeguarding. For example: youth workers, teachers, social workers and early years practitioners.

Level 3

Advanced safeguarding courses that provide relevant information and guidance for those who are in a position of management or responsible for making key decisions with regards to safeguarding in their organisation


Suitable for: Designated safeguarding officers, nursery managers, GP's, headteachers, local authority staff and community and voluntary organisation leads.

Level 4

The LSCP also includes bespoke training and recommended training from safeguarding practice reviews, national reviews and learning practice reports. These are Level 4 courses that are suitable for safeguarding champions that will ensure the learning is cascaded in their organisations.

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