Make a Referral to the

Integrated Referral Hub

It is important that all who support children and young people understand how assistance is identified and accessed. The threshold is the point at which a child or young person becomes eligible to access a particular level of service. 

Understanding the access criteria for services and thresholds strengthens local arrangements and help everyone to work together to identify the best support for an individual child, young person and their family or carers dependent on need.

Our aim is identify early indicators of harm and intervene quickly. Where needs arise, then the least intrusive approach should be used to respect the dignity and right to a private family life of those involved. Where safeguarding reaches a level of complexity or risk then we need to act early to achieve safe outcomes for children, young people and their families.

Please use the Threshold Chart and Guidance below to help you to identify the right help at the right time.

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Professionals should call and follow up with a Multi-agency Referral Form (MARF).

Use the LSCP Threshold Chart and Guidance to identify the threshold of need  to guide decision-making.