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LSCP Executive Meeting Highlights

9 September 2020

The Executive discussed the recommendations from the last five Rapid Reviews conducted, and made some key decisions: 

  • We will implement a new multi-agency operational notification protocol for serious safeguarding and public protection incidents 

  • We will work across the partnership towards the vision of creating a trauma-informed Borough

  • We will carry out a multi-agency audit of FGM cases

  • We are making progress in embedding a new approach to contextual safeguarding

30 September 2019

The first meeting of the Executive was a busy one! We discussed lots, and, more importantly, agreed some key issues, including: 

  •  The Terms of Reference for the Executive and the LSCP's three subgroups

  • The Business Plan for the next year - this confirms that our three learning cycles will focus on: 

    • Childhood and adolescent neglect​

    • Adolescents at risk of harm

    • Children and young people at risk of physical chastisement

  • Our first wider LSCP Forum event will take place on 28 January - put the date in your diary!

  • Following the launch of our new website, Twitter channel and newsletter, we'd love to have contributions from all of our partners. If you have a contribution, please email 

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