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Child Angela Safeguarding Practice Review

8 March 2022

Download and share the learning from Lambeth's Child Angela Safeguarding Practice Review, written by independent review author Siobhan Burns. Use the links below for helpful guidance to support you to action the review's recommendations. 

Download this short 7-minute briefing of the learning and share it with your team.


Down the full report which summarises Angela's story, findings, learning and recommendations.

Support and Resources

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Paediatrics (community) referrals

Contact Lambeth paediatricians for consultation and advice. 

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Identify and Respond to Neglect 

The impact of neglect can be devastating for a child or adolescent. Use this page for guidance to support early identification and intervention.


Children not brought to appointments

Find out how you can respond when children aren't brought to appointments. 

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Important Practice Guidance for Child Sexual Abuse

Access local and national support and guidance to help you identify and safeguard children from sexual abuse.


Responding to Domestic Abuse

Find out more about Lambeth's multiagency response to domestic abuse and how you can make a referral to Lambeth's Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC).


Guidance in working with interpreters

Helpful tips and guidance to support you to work effectively with interpreters to build purposeful relationships with families.

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Support a family to register with a GP

Dr Alison Davidson shows us just how simple it is to support a family to register with a GP.

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