Independent Scrutiny

The Purpose of Independent Scrutiny

The Independent Scrutineer (IS) will serve as a constructive critical friend, offering an independent high challenge and high support perspective. As set out in Working Together 2018, the role of IS will be to provide:  

  1. Assurance in judging the effectiveness of multi-agency arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children and young people in a local area, including arrangements to identify and review serious child safeguarding cases.

  2. Support to help the safeguarding partners consider the leadership of multi-agency safeguarding arrangements

  3. Support for a culture and environment conducive to honest reflection, constructive challenge, and continuous improvement.

Meet our Independent Scrutineer: Dr Mark Peel


"Every child and young person deserves the best possible start in life , an opportunity to fulfill their potential and the right to be supported by all of us. If you start from this basis then a, ‘one size fits all’ reactive model of safeguarding simply won’t do, and what attracted me to working with agencies in Lambeth is the commitment the Borough has already made: putting the child at the centre of safeguarding practice.

I have more than thirty years experience of multi-agency partnership working, and it is my fundamental belief that it is only when we bring the ‘joined up’ expertise to safeguarding that we truly work at our best. Whether your professional background is in health, the police, education, social work, the tertiary sector or indeed any of the wide range of services that contribute to safeguarding, your experience, expertise and professional perspective has value and should be respected and reconciled in determining how best to safeguard all our children. I look forward to working with you."

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