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6 June 2022

Children’s Services Domestic Abuse (DA) Policy

Lambeth Children’s Services Domestic Abuse policy aligns with the Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) Strategy, the Employee Domestic Abuse Policy and the Housing Domestic Abuse Policy.  The policy also features a useful Practice Toolkit developed specifically to assist practitioners, with a variety of resources to support families and with links to training.

Click here to download policy.

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7 March 2022

New Parent/Carer Leaflet on Exploitation

We've created a new leaflet/guide to help parents and carers learn more about child exploitation, how to spot the signs and how to help keep their children safe. Download the leaflet and share it with any parents/carers of children where there are concerns about potential criminal or sexual exploitation. For more information about safeguarding children from exploitation, visit our exploitation page.

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1 February 2022

Was Not Brought guidance

When children are routinely not brought to appointments for their welfare, care or health, this is a safeguarding concern. 

Find out more about the Was Not Brought Approach and the actions

you can take if a child is routinely not brought to their appointments. 

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14 September 2021

New Guidance on Working with Interpreters

Following learning from recent Rapid and Child Safeguarding practice Reviews, we've created a handy guide to support professionals in working with families with no shared language. The guide sets out simple tips, with links to useful resources and videos. Click here to check it out.


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31 May 2021

Schools Guidance: Managing Harmful Sexual Behaviour

This guidance aims to support schools in Lambeth to respond to any concerns of inappropriate and harmful sexual behaviours displayed by children or young people. Developed by professionals from Lambeth Education & Health Services, the guidance includes referral pathways, risk assessment & safety planning tools.


Visit our pages on Harmful Sexual Behaviour for more information. 


21 March 2022

Child 'Q' 
(Partnership Statement) 

The Lambeth School Partnership (LSP) and Lambeth Safeguarding Children’s Partnership (LSCP) are outraged to hear of the case of Child Q and the extremely traumatic experience she received at the hands of those who should have protected her. We stand with Child Q and her family.

Click here to read full statement.

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3 February 2022

New Lambeth Levels of Need Guidance

Lambeth has new Levels of Need guidance to help practitioners identify needs and help children and families access the right support at the right time. It also helps identify needs of locations and peer groups so we can make the spaces young people use safer. Please download the guidance and sign-up to:

Drop-in session, 10 February 10am or

Briefing session, 23 February 4pm

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21 September 2021

New National Review: Non-accidental Injuries in Babies

The national Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel has published its 3rd national safeguarding review. The review explores serious incidents involving babies aged under one who have been tragically harmed or killed by their fathers or other males in a caring role. Click here to read the full report. 


27 July 2021

Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

The report of the Independent Inquiry Panel into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) chaired by Professor Alexis Jay OBE has been published. 

For more information and Lambeth Council's response, visit the Council's information page. Full report of the enquiry can be viewed here.


14 January 2020

Domestic Abuse support - 

Ask for ANI at a pharmacy

People at risk of domestic abuse during the coronavirus lockdown can seek help discreetly by giving a code word "Ani" to pharmacists, under a UK-wide scheme launched by ministers.


If someone asks for “Ani” at one of the participating pharmacies, they will be given the chance to go to a private space to talk, to see if they need help from police or other services. 

Visit the Home Office for the training toolkit for pharmacies

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8 March 2022

Child Angela Safeguarding Practice Review published

"Angela's" story is a very difficult one. She was seriously sexually abused by her mothers partner. This review provides helpful learning for all professionals across the partnership. Read and share the learning from Lambeth's Child Angela Safeguarding Practice Review, written by independent review author Siobhan Burns. We've included links to helpful guidance to support you to action the review's recommendations. ​

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3 February 2022

New Report: Safeguarding black young men and boys in Lambeth

An academic team, led by the University of Bedfordshire and Prof. Carlene Firmin, have conducted an exploratory study into the role of partnership agencies, in safeguarding Black boys & young men in Lambeth. Download the report to learn more. This is an essential piece of work informing our response to safeguarding young people from extra-familial harm.  

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20 September 2021

Guide: support a family to register with a GP

GPs play a vital role in safeguarding children. Check out this two-minute video where Lambeth's Named GP for Safeguarding, Dr Alison Davidson, explains how easy it is to support a family to register with a GP. 

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9 April 2021

Multi-agency FGM Audit Report

Following a multi-agency audit of six cases of girls and young women referred for support around FGM, the partnership has made four recommendations which have been turned into actions. You can find the report, and Lambeth's guidance on FGM on our dedicated information page here. ​


1 December 2020

Could you lead a child safeguarding practice review? 

We are looking for researchers, academics and organisations to help us independently review our efforts to safeguard children and young people.

We are currently commissioning a Local Child Safeguarding Practice Review. Could you be the independent reviewer to help us improve practice? 

Find out more here.